7 Productivity Tips For Small Businesses UAE Dubai

7 Productivity Tips For Small Businesses UAE Dubai

Starting a business in UAE and running it is a challenging task. From securing your trade license to doing your first sale, so many things have to be taken care of. A business plan in black and white would mostly streamline things but being ready to be challenged and having a plan B will go a long way in determining your success.

Having said that, there are tried and tested methods which would ensure time and materials are not wasted. Well, figuring out the best way to do something takes trial and error and a lot of time. How about skipping directly to what works best? Well, here is an infographic by Make It Cheaper ‘ 7 Efficiency Lessons From Small Business Owners’ which is self explanatory.

If you are planning on starting a business in UAE or if you have already started one, just go through this list and see if you can take some tips from this infographic.

Efficiency Lessons From Small Business Owners:

#1. Prepare For Change – Chuck Leavell-Mother Nature Network, Co-founder

Change is very difficult because it puts us in a zone which is not comfortable. ‘Change’ challenges our inherent beliefs and systems. ‘Change’ demands new things. But a business which is not ready to accept new challenges, must be ready to bite the dust. See how touch phones revolutionized the mobile industry. Those companies which couldn’t keep up, had to move out of the market. UAE market is dynamic and every day competition is beefed up by new products and technology. Whatever you are selling, whether services or products, be on the cutting edge of what is new. Keep updating and fill the gaps.

#2. Avoid Complacency- Michael Ventura- Sub Rosa, Founder and CEO

Achieving initial success usually makes us complacent. We often think ‘this is enough’ when we reach a milestone. But business is all about growing and achieving bigger and better goals. There is always a new method of doing something and continually improving should be the key. Look to reduce costs but never cut corners. If an ERP system can better manage your finances and plug loop-holes, invest in it. If a office manager is required, employ a new manager.

#3. Delegate- Anisa Telwar- Anisa International, Founder and CEO

Initially when we start a business, we do everything from managing sales to doing accounting. Well, time permits these tasks and also saves money. But as your business grows, you can’t go around doing everything. If a business has to become successful, it needs support of a team. The growth will be exponential and things will be streamlined. You as a business owner can concentrate on more important and strategic work.

#4. Don’t Make It Personal-James Green- Magnetic, CEO

Well, getting attached to your business emotionally can drain all your energy. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, this business is your baby but taking a step back, taking some hard decisions, looking at it in a different perspective can some times help to experience revelations. Winning and becoming successful is important but all these fancy terms are subjective.

#5. Understand How You Spend Your Time- Jeff Platt-Sky Zone, CEO

Think long term. Don’t expect to get results immediately. Delaying gratification can delay results but when they show up, they are sweeter and more satisfying. Spend your time on long term goals. Doesn’t mean that you do not address short term problems. But always have a vision for a more satisfying future.

#6. Balance Commitments- David Morken-Bandwidth, Co-founder and CEO

Don’t fall in love with your company or business so much so that you forget you family. Every commitment has its own place. You need to prioritize your tasks. When it is family time, try and spend quality time and do not let business problems distract you during that time. Strike a balance. What is the point of have a successful business but no one to enjoy the fruits of it with you?

#7. Set Realistic Goals- John Coleman-The VIA Agency, Founder and chairman

I cannot stress enough the importance of this. We can dream about anything but fantasies do not come true. When you are starting out small, it is important to dream big but do not set outrageous and out-of-this world goals. Such unrealistic goals can discourage you sooner than you know. Set goals which are achievable and have plans to achieve those. Take one step at a time.


These are little gems by people who have set up successful businesses. This can be check list for your reference whenever you need a brief primer to get you back on track.

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