8 Entrepreneurial Skills Parents Should Teach Their Kids UAE Dubai

8 Entrepreneurial Skills Parents Should Teach Their Kids UAE Dubai

We love our kids and we want them to be equipped with all possible skills sets and smartness so that they face this world boldly and bravely and also become successful. We want our kids to be academically successful so that they find a good job and make a good living. We want them to have great values and treat fellow beings justly and fairly. Most of all we want our kids to be successful…isn’t it? So what kind of skills can ensure success when our children grow up?

Here is an infographic by Pumpic which lists out 8 entrepreneurial skills, we as parents should teach our kids. Dubai is a land of opportunities and also fierce competition. To ensure that our kids stand out and face all challenges fair and square, we can guide them and teach these skills revealed in the infographic.

8 Entrepreneurial Skills For Kids:

#1. Resilience:

They say failure is a stepping stone. If we can teach our kids to overcome failure and handle it sportively, we will have taught them a great lesson in facing life’s hurdles. Failure is temporary and if our kids can sustain and look beyond that, little road blocks wouldn’t deter them from their main goal. Do not protect your kid/kids too much. In a country like UAE, kids are brought up with a lot of pampering. But at times we should give them a taste of not getting what they want or at least give them the experience and let them know the pain behind achieving something big. This little lesson of resilience will help your kids to developing a thick skin for little setbacks in life.

#2. Innovation and Creativity:

An Entrepreneur needs to solve problems at every step. How efficiently and effectively he solves that problem depends on how creative and open minded he is to ideas and innovation. Allow your kids to express themselves. Don’t solve their problems. Ask them to come up with solutions. Make them think. Give them an opportunity to to become mature and independent. Enroll them in activities which foster creativity and logical thinking.

#3. Industriousness:

Hard work has never failed anyone. There are no short cuts to success. There is no shame in doing any kind of work. Entrepreneurs need to be industrious. They cannot shy away from activities which might not be suiting their status. Developing a down-to-earth-attitude and respect for labor is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur should have. Allow your kids to run errands at home. Let them clean their clothes once in a while. Allow them to clean their room, ask them to fetch grocery. These little tasks will teach them the value of hard work.

#4. Curiosity:

They say ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Well, I would say, ‘curiosity kills ignorance’. Curiosity and inquisitiveness are two different things. Never let your kids’ questions to go unanswered. Their questions can irritate you at times but never discourage them. Learning is a life-long process and entrepreneurs need to learn continually. Take your kids outdoors, show them new things, allow them to mix with people. Expose them to new things.

#5. Self-Confidence:

Belief in self is very important. Entrepreneurs don’t go around seeking approval. They know their ideas would work and they have strong faith in themselves too. At times ask your kids for solutions to your problems. Make them feel important and also show them that their opinions are valuable too. Allow them to take decisions. Help them to see through things.

#6. Empathy:

An Entrepreneur cannot travel alone and the journey to success needs support and sacrifices of people around him. A leader won’t be followed if he has no empathy. Allow your kids to learn from others and also teach them humility.

#7. Optimism:

Seeing the positive side of every situation is very important if an entrepreneur has to survive this world. If you have to teach your kid to be positive, you need to be positive in the first place. Every difficult situation teaches a lesson. Help your kids to see the positive side even if a particular situation looks grim and gloomy. Help them to see the big-picture.

#8. Generosity:

Every entrepreneur has a social responsibility. A responsibility to make this a better place for himself and for others. Teach your kids to become generosity. Allow them to give to the less blessed. Most of the great entrepreneurs are great philanthropists too.


Well, you can’t be there to protect your children all through their life. Sometime you have to let go and allow them to become independent. Teach them the skills required to become resourceful, adroit, smart and good communicators.

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