What Is A Black Card – Visa Black Card

What Is A Black Card – Visa Black Card

Black card is a luxury credit card which is also described as ‘The Ultimate Buying Tool’. This card was launched in 2008 and the holders/owners of this card are allowed access to various luxuries and rewards.

The Black Card program is run by Black Card LLC and the credit card is issued by Barclays’.This card is called Visa Black Card just to differentiate it from black colored Centurian credit card which is issued by American Express.

This visually appealing credit card is unique carbon black in front and it is made out of stainless steel.

Main features of Visa Black Card:

. Black card offers zero percent introductory APR for 15 months on balance transfers

. This elite personal credit card carries an annual fee of $495

. It offers one point for every dollar of purchase.The points that you accumulate will double the value when redeemed for   airfare.

. BC gives you the privilege of 24-hour concierge service which is exclusive. This service includes entertainment planning, business services, information on travel, city related information, gift arrangements and other specialty services.

. If you are an avid reader, then can enjoy the members-only luxury magazine

. The gifts that you will receive will be from top luxury brands

. You can enjoy VIP amenities at Airport lounges. So you can pay unlimited visits to over 350 airport lounges across 200 cities throughout the world

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Advantages or benefits of BC (Black Card)

. With a Visa Black Card, you will be protected under Zero Liability Protection. That means your accountability is zero         when it comes to unauthorized purchases made with your card.

. If you booked your vacation via BC or rented a vehicle, then you can rest assured. You will be receiving a reimbursement for any expenses relating to lost luggage or cancelled tickets.

. You have the privilege of using your Black Card across 170 countries with Zero foreign transaction fees.

. Legitimate claims of items up to a limit of $500 are eligible for reimbursement or replacement or repair.

. Barclay’s Visa Black Card covers up to $3000 of lost or stolen luggage provided, the ticket is purchase with BC.

. In case of delayed trips over 12 hours, you can get a reimbursement up to $300 for expenses relating to lodging and meals per ticket.

. You are covered by trip cancellation insurance.

. You are covered for damage or collision of rental vehicles.

. You are also covered by Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance up to $250,000.

. Last but not the least, you will also receive roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down in US or Canada.

How to apply for a Visa Black Card

You can apply for a Black Card directly by calling 1-866-252-2522 or you can submit an online application via Visa Black Card’s official website

Important Terms and conditions

. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for purchases- 14.99%

. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for Cash Advances – 25.25%

. Annual Fee –$495

. Balance Transfer Fee- $5 or 3% whichever is greater per transfer

. Cash Advance – $10 or 5% whichever is greater per cash advance

. Late Payment – Up to $ 37

The Visa Black Card membership is limited because the owners of the card enjoy a luxurious personalized attention and assistance. Owning this elite card automatically makes you a member of an exclusive club.

This raises the most important question;

What are the requirements to qualify for a Visa Black Card- Eligibility Criteria

I don’t think Barclay’s has written in stone anywhere about the exact requirements for a Visa Black Card. So I will have to just do some research and jot down the probable or most likely factors that influence the decision maker to grant you this elite credit card.

. A pristine credit record

I am speculating that you should have an excellent credit score (FICO) which could be ranging above 700 to 760 and anything less than this could be turned down without questions.

. Your credit standing and income

If you are given a high credit limit on your credit card then the bank must have thoroughly analyzed and enumerated your personal finance. I believe the same goes for Visa Black Card. Unless you have a steady and a large income stream which automatically makes you capable of handling your credit card debt obligations, you would not be considered for this card.

. Past credit card repayment behavior

To reiterate, it is understood that if you have an excellent credit score, then obviously you will have a great credit card repayment history or you have built one.

The New Visa® Black Card™ – Made of Stainless Steel? Official Commercial

Watch this YouTube on ‘Un-boxing the Black Card’:

Here is an infographic which puts everything from features to benefits of Visa Black Card in one place.

Some interesting things to know about Black Card:

. An article “5 Credit Cards You Don’t Want In Your Wallet” by Martha C. White which featured on Time called BC as one of the worst general consumer credit card.

. Previously the Visa Black Card was made of pure carbon graphite but now it is made of stainless steel. 

. According to AdSavvy, what sets Black Card apart is it concierge service.

“For the ultra-rich, buying whatever you want can get boring; they need the ability to actually do something that other people can’t. A good concierge can do that. You need 12 Arabian horses for your daughters wedding? Call up the concierge, he’ll have them flown in from Dubai. You need a personalized and autographed copy of Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene for your son’s birthday, call up the concierge. The ability to get difficult things done is what sets these cards apart from just a card with a very high limit. Just the knowledge that cardholders have that ability, 24-hours a day, keeps them happy. And that’s what makes this niche so profitable.”

. A law suit was filed by American Express against Black Card LLC in February 2010 as the name ‘Black Card’ was clashing with its own brand ‘ Centurian Card’ which was popularly known as ‘Black Card’. Even though Black Card LLC had successfully registered the term ‘Black Card’ it was cancelled in November 2011 on the grounds that the name was just descriptive.

. The Barclay’s Visa Black Card commercial was created by Curt Morgan and Brain Farm who are famous for creating sports related digital commercials.

. Donna Feldman is the girl in Visa Black Card’s commercial

 Card Commercial Behind The Scenes 1

  Visa Black Card Commercial Behind The Scenes 4

Image source

Check out this video at Thecolbertreport about an advertisement about Visa Black Card. The host gives it a racial flavour in a comedic manner, which is hilarious.

The Colbert Report

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