Charge What You Can Repay-Credit Card Tips UAE

Charge What You Can Repay-Credit Card Tips UAE

I agree! Credit card gives purchasing power but this power is temporary and superficial. For a time we think that we can purchase anything and walk away just by charging on the card. But once the charm of the item reduces, the credit card debt comes to bite you and it leaves a bad taste.

Living beyond your means is not smart. Whenever you are tempted to use your credit card for an impulse driven extravagant item, just postpone that purchase for a day. See if you have the same desire for that item the next day. Mostly you will have changed your decision.

By delaying gratification, you will have made a sensible decision of not buying an item impulsively.

So use your credit card cautiously. Credit card loan can catch sooner than you think and can permanently damage your finances.

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