Credit Card Numbers- What Do They Mean-Dubai UAE

Credit Card Numbers- What Do They Mean-Dubai UAE

A typical credit card carries a lot of information including your name, expiry date, csv number… But have you ever paid any attention to the 16 digits on the face of your credit card? Are they just random numbers placed to fill up the space on your plastic card? Or do they serve any purpose.

Well, the numbers on the front of your credit card provide specific information about the industry and also the type of card.

Here is a short video which decipher the 16 digits.

Anatomy Of A Credit Card Account Number:

Things To Know About Your Credit Card Number:

#1. Industry Identifier:

The first digit on your credit card identifies the industry like airlines or travel and entertainment and so on.

For example:

1,2 stand for Airlines

3 stands for Travel and entertainment

4,5 stands forĀ Banking and financial-Visa, MasterCard

6 stands for Discover

7 stands for Petroleum

#2. Issuer Identification Number:

The first 6 digits from the beginning identifies the bank which issued your credit card.

#3. Personal Account Number:

From the 7th digit to the last-but-one identifies your personal account number.

#4. Check Sum/Luhn Algorithm:

This is the last digit on your credit card. This number is determined by Luhn formula or algorithm. This is a standard and the formula is used to verify that your credit card number is valid. This formula will immediately notify if you input wrong credit card number mostly while making online payments.

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