Credit Card With ‘Selfie’ Feature- First Gulf Bank

Credit Card With ‘Selfie’ Feature- First Gulf Bank

After Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, everyone is posting a selfie wherever possible; be it a social media site or a mobile phone. But can you imagine a selfie on your credit card?

Credit Card With ‘Selfie’ Feature- First Gulf Bank

Well, I know it is hard to believe but First Gulf Bank (FGB), Abu Dhabi, one of the largest banks in UAE offers credit cards with a selfie feature.This credit card called “My card” allows customers to upload their or their loved ones’ images.

Check out this article “FGB credit card offered with ‘selfie’ feature” to know about ‘selfie’ feature credit card.

“It is the latest move by banks to win over new customers and boost lending by offering credit cards that stand out in an increasingly crowded market.”

This could be a great feature because if a credit card with a selfie is stolen, it becomes very difficult for the thief to use it at retail stores and shopping centers. This ‘selfie’ credit card can prevent fraud to a certain extent. And also the credit card will be unique when a customized image is uploaded.

“It’s like a mini-billboard in the customer’s wallet,” said Girish Advani, the head of FGB’s mass market segment. “A credit card allows you to cross-sell with a large range of brands.”

This is a new marketing gimmick and would definitely give an edge to FGB over its competition.

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