Dubai Airport Prepaid Card-DXB Connect Cards

Dubai Airport Prepaid Card-DXB Connect Cards

Dubai Airport Prepaid Card-DXB Connect Cards

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Dubbed as the Ultimate Travel Cash Card, DXB Connect is the world’s first airport prepaid credit card. Dubai Duty Free, MasterCard Worldwide and Dubai Airports collaborated to bring this cutting-edge product to airport clientele in UAE.

This card is issued by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank via MasterCard network and the processing is done by Global Processing services and Jade Payments.

The holders of DXB Connect enjoy exclusive privileges in the form of discounts at Dubai Duty Free and also selected restaurants, entertainment centres and leisure venues across Dubai. The prepaid card can be used across the world where MasterCard is accepted.

The pre-loaded card enables the passengers to make purchases in local currency at Dubai International Airport.

Keeping in mind the arriving, departing and transiting passengers’ need to communicate while in Dubai, an Etisalat mobile sim card with a balance of AED 25 is tagged along DXB Connect.

Main benefits of DXB Connect

#1. Ongoing offers and Discounts

With this prepaid card, you can enjoy exclusive discounts at Dubai Duty Free and also upto 50% discounts at selected restaurants, retail outlets across UAE and also around the world.

#2. Convenience

DXB Connect enables you to make purchases in UAE’s local currency Dirhams. This will not only save you money on exchange rate differences, but also, you do not need to carry any cash.

#3. Control on Debt

Since this prepaid card is pre-loaded with funds, you can spend only to the extent of amount available on the card. That way you will have no option to stretch your finances beyond your affordable limits and you will never have to worry about paying back any amounts on future dates.

#4. Easily Track Your Expenses

You can keep a track of your expenses and can follow a strict budget. If you don’t want to spend or want to limit your expenses, then you can top-up the card with money which you think you can afford to spend.

#5. No Bank Account

To grab this prepaid card, you do not have to open a bank account. So you will save a lot of money on account processing and administration fees.

#6. Budgeting Tool

Since you can easily keep a tab of expenses on this card, you can have total control over your spending habits and refrain from urge to splurge.

Frequently asked questions about DXB Connect Prepaid Card:

#1. What is the purchase price of the card?

You can purchase DXB Connect card for one time fee of AED 95. You can activate your card in Kiosks operated by Dubai Duty Free at any of the 3 Dubai International Airport terminals.

#2. How to load amount on the card?

While activating your card, you can select the amount that you want to top-up.

#3. What is a maximum top-up amount?

You can re-load a maximum balance of AED 30,000 and this can be done online on, at Exchanges in UAE, at Virgin Megastores and also airport terminals in Dubai.

#4. How to check your balance?

You can either call +971 4 8706680 or check online here.

According to a news report on DubiaChronicle, when compared to last year, the percentage of passengers passing through Dubai International Airport increased by 12.9 percent. In absolute numbers, it is approximately 44.98 million. Imagine the merchandise being purchased and the number of purchase transactions being processed. The market is rightly tapped by ADCB by offering a safe and convenient method for airport purchases in the form of a prepaid card with striking features.


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