Eat Right Foods-Improve Productivity And Get More Done

Eat Right Foods-Improve Productivity And Get More Done

Food do affect our productivity and especially in the afternoons. Certain kinds of foods make me more sleepy in the afternoons! Well, so are there foods which can improve our productivity, efficiency and energize us?

Well, this infographic tells there are…This infographic ‘Productivity Is Served‘ by Quill gives us a list of foods which would help in better brain activity.

It seems certain foods help us to negotiate better, focus more and also improve our willpower.

How foods can help brain power:

Well, the food that we eat gets broken down into glucose. Then it enters the blood stream and flows to the brain which in turn affect our brain activity.

The Mind Diet: Mediterranean Diet/DASH Diet

Well, we come across so many kind of diets for our body but a mind diet; sounds interesting. As long as the foods that this diet recommends are healthy, then there is no harm in trying them.

So which foods include in Mind Diet:

. Beans
. Berries
. Leafy greens
. Nuts
. Olive Oil
. Poultry
. Seafood
. Vegetables
. Whole grains
. Wine

Check out the infographic above to know which foods help you in what way and how these brain foods would improve your productivity in personal and professional life.

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