Emirates NBD Credit Card Payment Via Online Banking

Emirates NBD Credit Card Payment Via Online Banking

In my previous articles, I brought forth Emirates NBD credit card payment via Cash Deposit Machine and Debit Card. Today, let us talk about one other way or mode to make your ENBD credit card payment.

ENBD Credit Card Payment Through Online Banking:

Before you can pay your credit card bill, you need to activate online banking credit card payment. Once you have registered for online banking, you will have an ID and a password.

. Log into your online banking account
. In the next screen, look for ‘my services‘ on the left side and click on it
. You will be prompted to answer the secret questions that you have set up during the registration
. Once you have answered the questions correctly, you will be in and you will see a lot of options
. Select ‘payments
. Look for ‘payments to credit cards
. And ‘save‘ it
. Once you save it, your payment service is activated. That means you can pay your credit card bill through online banking
. Under ‘payments‘, click on ‘credit cards‘ on the left side of screen
. Then click on ‘Emirates NBD and EIB Credit Cards
. Select the beneficiary
. Also enter the payment amount
. Next, select the debit account from which you want to make the payment
. Then click on ‘pay now
. Go through the details again. Double checking ensures that you pay the intended amount. If you making a full payment on your credit card, check the amount properly. Missing out a digit or making a wrong payment might result in unwanted credit card interest.
. Once you have ensured that you have chosen the right account and entered the right amount, click on ‘confirm
.  A pop-up will appear reconfirming your payment. Click ‘Ok‘ to proceed.
.  This completes you payment and it will be credited within 24 hours.

Access Emirates NBD Online Banking here 

Watch the video:

How to make Credit Card payments through Online Banking

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