Financial Confidence-Personal Finance Management Questions

Financial Confidence-Personal Finance Management Questions

Learning to make money is one of the biggest challenges but keep that money is bigger of all the challenges. Money management or financial management if one of the most important personal skills one should acquire in life. For some, money management comes easy and they don’t have to take any courses or classes to manage their finances. But for people like me, we need to learn these skills. All it takes is willingness to learn.

This infographic ‘Are you financially confident‘ touches base with some of the most important questions which will help to determine how well you handle your finances.

Factors which determine financial efficiency:

#1. How well you handle ‘big impulse purchase’
#2. How well you handle credit card payments
#3. How well you handle bill payments
#4. How do you plan your finances
#5. What steps do you take to accumulate wealth
#6. Do you keep money reserves for emergencies
#7. How much do you allocate for monthly savings

Once you have answered all the questions honestly, you will get a score which will help you to understand where exactly do you stand:
. Whether you are financially confident
. Whether you are on right track
. Whether you need to build good financial habits

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