First Gulf Bank Credit Cards-Round Up of Credit Card Offers

First Gulf Bank Credit Cards-Round Up of Credit Card Offers

First Gulf Bank Credit Cards UAE-Abu Dhabi

FGB is one of the leading banks in UAE catering to all categories of clients. Boasting a shareholder equity of AED 34.1 billion, First Gulf Bank offers all manner of financial services both to business corporates and individuals. The bank has spread its business beyond UAE  borders and has branches in Singapore and Qatar to name a few.

First Gulf Bank prides itself in making available a plethora of credit card offers both to individuals and businesses.

Below is a round-up of credit cards offered by First Gulf Bank:

#1. FGB LIC International Credit Cards

. FGB LIC International Signature Credit Card

This card is packed with a life insurance coverage of Dh 100,000 and it charges a nominal premium. To become eligible for this card, you need to meet a retail spending of Dh 50,000 annually.

. FGB LIC International Rewards Credit Card

This is a rewards credit card similar to above which comes with a life insurance cover of Dh 100,000. An annual spending of Dh 25,000 is required to qualify for this card.

#2. FGB Du Credit Cards

. FGB Du Platinum Credit Card

. FGB Du Titanium Credit Card

These credit cards offer exclusive benefits ranging from discounts to cash backs every time Du bills are paid or prepaid lines are recharged with the same.

#3. FGB My Card 

This card offers personal customization to match your personality. You can have an image of your choice on your My Card.

#4. Manchester City FC Cards 

. Manchester City FC Infinite Card

. Manchester City FC Platinum Card

. Manchester City FC Titanium Card

With a Manchester city card, you can win an all paid tour for two to UK to watch final matches live.

#5. FGB Abu Dhabi Credit Cards 

. FGB Abu Dhabi Platinum Credit Card

. FGB Abu Dhabi Titanium Credit Card

The owners of these cards become privileged to win a Audi R8 Quattro or Audi Q5 annually and also exclusive and exotic all-paid tour packages.

#6. FGB Masdar Credit Cards 

. FGB Masdar Infinite Card

. FGB Masdar Platinum Card

These cards help you to contribute towards Green initiatives. A percentage of retail spend on these cards is automatically contributed to activities which help to keep our planet green.

#7. FGB Ferrari Credit Cards 

. FGB Ferrari Infinite Credit Card

. FGB Ferrari Signature Credit Card

Upon exceeding a spending limit threshold, these cards make you eligible to win a Ferrari driving experience and also to win a tour to attend an official Ferrari Race in Europe.

#8. FGB Credit Cards 

. FGB Platinum Credit Card

. FGB Gold Credit Card

. FGB Standard Credit Card

These cards offer discounts on movie tickets, travel privileges and also loyalty programs.

#9. FGB Commercial Card 

This corporate credit card offers data integration and reporting solutions to companies.

#10. FGB Easy Buys Credit Card 

Everything becomes affordable when its price is divided into manageable small chunks of total amount. This FGB credit card makes things affordable by converting your purchases into easy to pay monthly installments.

#11. FGB Internet Card 

This credit card is meant for online or internet based transactions only.

The above listed credit cards just provide you a gist of credit cards offered by the First Gulf Bank. To view full details and features of individual cards, please visit the products’ website by clicking on respective cards titles.

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