Future of Credit Card-Future Credit Cards-UAE Dubai

Future of Credit Card-Future Credit Cards-UAE Dubai

Will the physical plastic credit cards survive the technological advancements brought in by major mobile companies like Apple and Samsung? Virtual credit cards might soon take over and leave our wallets flat with the spaces for credit cards empty.

If you ask me, I’d rather have a physical credit card than rely on a invisible credit card. Then again my view might change once I know how convenient and secure virtual credit cards are.

Having said that, I will contradict myself by saying, plastic money is here to stay! Credit cards have survived a century! The physical credit cards, the technology and the way we interact with plastic money are still evolving.

So what are the latest developments in plastic money? What kind of credit cards we might get to own and use in future?

Here is an infographic VirginMoney-UK which shows us the following:

#1. Anatomy of a credit card

. EMV Chip and its purpose

. Hologram and its purpose

. Why there is a CSV number

. Deciphering the 16 digit credit card number

#2. Credit Cards with striking features from across the world

. Vertically oriented credit cards

. Titanium credit cards

. Diamonds embedded credit cards

. Scented credit cards

#3. Future credit cards

. Imprinted barcodes

. Moving holograms

. Finger sensors

. Invisible credit card details

. Fingerprint sensors

. Voice control

Check out this infographic via 

Did you like the infographic? What is your preference- virtual or physical credit card? Will plastic money become obsolete? Let me know in comments.

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