Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt In UAE-Infographic

Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt In UAE-Infographic

Credit card debt can affect your personal and professional life. It can also affect your future finance requiremnts. In UAE, playing around with multiple credit cards can be very dangerous thing. Credit card bills can weigh you down but there is always a way to fight back, strategize and streamline your credit.

Before you create a strategy to pay off your credit cards, just give a little thought to how to found yourselves in this dire situation. A little self reflection can help you to avoid mistakes in future.

Now that you are in a credit card debt spiral, the only way out is to intelligently pay off your credit card balances. To help you do that, here is a simple yet effective infographic by Bankrate.

This infographic has laid down 5 simple steps and followed which can get you out of your credit card debt.

Simple Steps to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt In Dubai/UAE:

. The highest interest rate credit cards are to be paid off first

. Stick to minimum payments on all other cards until the debt on card which charges the maximum interest is paid off.

. If two cards have same interest terms. then pay off one with larger balance

. Try and negotiate with issuer to lower your interest rates

. Not to miss on any credit card payments, try and automate your payments

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Did you find this infographic useful? Let me know what strategies you follow to pay of your credit card debt in Dubai/UAE?

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