Gocash Travel Smart Card-UAE Exchange-Best Prepaid Card

Gocash Travel Smart Card-UAE Exchange-Best Prepaid Card

Little worries can take all the fun from our travelling. Many a times when we swipe our credit card in a foreign country, we worry about the foreign exchange rates, foreign transaction fee and other charges which the credit card company can levy on our using the credit card in a foreign country. But Gocash Travel Prepaid card by UAE Exchange has made our life easier.

You can travel around the world without worrying about currency rate fluctuations or your card being not accepted. On this multi currency pre-paid Mastercard, you h have the option of selecting up to 16 currency. You can load up to 6 currencies.

Important Features of Gocash Pre-paid Travel Card:

#1. Class Apart And Convenient:

When it comes to convenience, this card beats all competition.You have an option to select from 16 currencies and you can load upto 6 currencies. US dollar (USD) being the default currency, other currencies include

. UAE Dirham (AED)
. Indian Rupee (INR)
. Euro (EUR)
. Australian Dollar (AUD)
. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
. Great Britain Pound (GBP)
. Swiss Franc (CHF)
. Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR)

to name a few.

#2. Secure:

The use of Chip and PIN makes your prepaid card secure. Every time you use your card, the chip creates an unique transaction code which cannot be used again. Even if someone manages to steal your transaction code, it is not usable again.

#3.Use Anywhere:
Your Gocash card is widely accepted across the world. You can withdraw cash from any ATM around the world which accepts MasterCard, Approximately 1.9 million ATMs at your service. You can also shop at 34.3 million merchant locations. This makes shopping so convenient and easy. You do not need to worry about cash or currency in whichever part of the world you are. You also do not have to worry about over-spending as the maximum you can spend is the amount available on your card.

#4. Easy To Get One:

You can easily secure your UAE Exchange Gocash pre-paid card from any of the branches of UAE Exchange by tendering required identification documents.

#5. Free Alerts:

Free e-mails and sms alerts will help to be on the top of the game. You will be notified whenever you make a transaction, load credit and also when your balance goes low.

How to get your Gocash smart travel card in UAE?

Well, it is very easy to get your non-personalized gocash multi-currency travel card. Flock to the nearest UAE Exchange and tender either one of the below:

. Emirate ID
. Valid passport with visa
. National ID

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