GulfNews Solves Credit Card Woes of UAE Residents

GulfNews Solves Credit Card Woes of UAE Residents

Our failure to read the fine print or at times system errors can push us into a messy situation. The late payment on your credit which was not supposed to be there on your statement according to you is not waived-off in spite of recurring reassurances.The wrong charge even though disputed is still not reversed. A raise in your credit card interest without notification and I can go on.

GulfNews Solves Credit Card Woes of UAE Residents

If you are an UAE resident and you have a issue relating to credit cards provided by Mashreq Bank and Dubai First which is not getting resolved through normal channels of communication, then worry not! Gulfnews will help you to raise your complaints and get it resolved.

Check out how Mr Abdul Latheef Kuthukallingal’s late payment charge issue was initiated by Gulfnews and how Mashreq Bank resolved it.

“When I received the latest statement of my credit card, it mentioned a late fee of Dh259. When I checked with the bank, they said there was a late payment on my card. As per the statement, the minimum payment due was Dh1,852.26. I cleared the amount before the statement date as two payments. One payment of Dh1,500 was made before the due date (March 14) and the remaining amount of Dh360 was paid before the statement date.”

Read the article “Credit card problems resolved” courtesy Sanya Nayeem and Manuel Almario at Gulfnews.

After a few exchange of calls, Mr Kuthukallingal expresses his gratitude saying,

“Thanks for your time. Mashreq has already called me and agreed to a 50 per cent discount. I really appreciate the newspaper’s effort and help in this matter.”

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Here is another issue:

“I have had Dubai First credit cards for at least two years. Recently, I moved to a new company and I had some delayed payments. I explained my situation to the bank many a times and told them about my status.The bank’s representative used to only give me warnings without understanding my issue. She offered me a chance to pay up until January 27. I told her to keep the deadline as January 31 as my salary would come in on this date. She refused and then submitted the security cheque to the authorities.”

Did this man’s problems get resolved? Check out the article.

If you have issues with Mashreq Bank or Dubai First credit card, then Gulfnews can be your saving grace!

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