How To Cut Or Destroy Your Credit Card- Dubai UAE

How To Cut Or Destroy Your Credit Card- Dubai UAE

Many a times we might have to destroy our credit card because it is worn out and not usable or it has been blocked or you have cancelled it. But understand that blocking or cancelling your credit card is done on the system. But the physical credit card still holds vital information about you and you don’t want that crucial personal information like your name, account number, expiration date, security code etc to fall into hands of unscrupulous people.

So is there a right way to destroy or cut your credit card so that none of the information on you card can be retrieved?

Yes, there is a way and all it takes is a pair of scissors.

In this video below, you can learn to cut and destroy your credit card without leaving any traces of your personal information behind and that way you never become a victim of identity theft.

Cut Up Your Credit Card The Right Way:

Now you know how to cut your credit card! Burning it might also work? What do you suggest? Let me know in comments.

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