How To Get Credit Card Activation Code In UAE Dubai

How To Get Credit Card Activation Code In UAE Dubai

Well, this information on activating your credit card does not pertain to any specific credit card issued by banks in UAE but I wish to provide general instructions to activate a credit card which holds good for any credit card issuer in UAE.

You can either activate your credit online or by phone.

Activating Card-Online:

. Visit the website of the card issuing bank and register online. You will need to tender personal information and also give a user name and a password.
. Once you have registered online, log in into your account.
. Once you have logged in into your account, you might have to submit your credit card number, personal details and security code.
. Once the information is submitted, you would receive a call or an email to verify your activation.

Activating Card-Phone:

. Call the issuing bank. You will usually find a toll free number on the back of your credit card
. Keep all information ready like your name, date of birth, security code, account number and so on.
. Follow the instructions while on automated reponse and choose the right option.
. Once the option for credit card activation selected, the recorded voice would ask you to tender your credit card number and security code.

End Note:

If you need authentic information, it would be best to place a call on Card Issuer’s helpline and talk to a representative of the bank and ask him how to activate your credit card. This will be first-hand information and your can follow the instructions accordingly.

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