How To Pay Credit Card Bill Via ATMs-Cash Deposit Machine-UAE

How To Pay Credit Card Bill Via ATMs-Cash Deposit Machine-UAE

The banking industry in UAE has grown by leaps and bounds. In order to keep customers satisfied, banks have ensured that customers can pay and deposit money very easily. Cash Deposit Machines or some times synonymous to ATMs, have made our lives comfortable. No more do you need to wait in long queues in banks to deposit or withdraw cash or deposit your check. And also if you do not like to make your credit card payment online, you can go to a nearby cash deposit machine of your bank and deposit your check or cash to pay your credit card bill.

Now if you are putting off CDNs thinking about the challenges you have to go through while working this mega-monster of a machine, then let me give it to you on your face…it is damn simple. If you can read, then you can get it right in the first attempt.

Check out this video below. Generally the steps to pay your credit card bill are similar as far ATMs from different banks are concerned. Slight variations could be there but then the functions offered are mostly similar.

How to Deposit Cash And Checks In ATMs – Cash Deposit Machines

This video is just for reference. The steps could slightly vary depending upon the bank you transact with.

Brief Explanation of Steps To Deposit Cash In ATM/Cash Deposit Machine To Pay Credit Card Bill:

#1. Insert your credit card or debit card into the ATM. The machine takes in the card for processing whatever function you want to perform. There are certain machines where-in you have to just dip the card. Meaning you have to just insert and pull your card.
Note that if you have forgotten to carry your card, you can even manually input your credit or debit card number to access your account.

#2. Once your card is inserted, you will be prompted to select the language. In UAE, you will have the option of Arabic and English. Choose the one which you are comfortable with.

#3. The next step is to type in your pin. Type in your password pin.

#4. From the options that are displayed on your screen, select ‘Deposit‘.

#5. In the following screen, you will be asked to select between ‘cash‘ or ‘cheque‘. Select ‘cash‘.

#6. A slot will open for you to insert or place your currencies. Ensure that the notes are unsoiled, without dog ears and also without any staples.

#7. Once the notes are gulped by the machine, on the screen it will show the denominations of notes you have deposited and you will have to confirm the same.

#8. Once you confirm, you will receive a receipt for the amount deposited. Then you can either exit or proceed if you need to perform any other function.

Brief Explanation of Steps To Deposit Cheque In ATM/Cash Deposit Machine To Pay Credit Card Bill:

Follow the first 3 steps as above and then,

#1. Select  ‘check‘ option on the screen.

#2. The next screen would be the amount of the check that you want to deposit. Enter the exact amount as in check. Enter the fils if any.

#3. Once you confirm, the slot for check deposit will open. Insert the check as in the small pic displayed on ATM machine.

#4. You will get a screen shot of the check you deposited. Confirm and proceed.

#5. Next you will get a automated receipt for the same.

#6. Exit or proceed.

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