NBAD Credit Card-Credit Card Payments,Statement,Balance,Loans

NBAD Credit Card-Credit Card Payments,Statement,Balance,Loans

Having a credit card and going on a shopping spree is easy because all it takes is producing your credit card from your wallet and keying in your pin. But when it comes to wisely using a credit card, there are so many things you need to know and keep up with. You should know your options for making credit card payments, keep a tab of your monthly credit card spending and also know the balance on your credit card whenever you want.

In this article, I will try and help you explore your options regarding National Bank Of Abu Dhabi credit card payments, downloading your monthly credit card statement and also checking your credit card balance.

NBAD Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. How to make NBAD credit card payments?

There are several ways in which you can make your NBAD credit card payment.

. NBAD Online Banking

You can log into NbadOnline with your user ID or you have to register online to get one. Then follow the steps as in below image


. Cheque/Cash Deposit Machines

Alternatively, you can pay a visit to your nearest NBAD cheque/cash deposit machine and pay your credit card bill by depositing a cheque or cash.

You can locate the nearest cash deposit machine by click this line –NBAD Branch ATM/CDM Locator 

. Al Ansari Exchange

For further convenience, you can go to any of Al Ansari Exchange branches across UAE and pay your credit card bill without any additional charges.

. UAE Exchange

You can also make your NBAD credit card bill payment at any of the branches of UAE Exchange across UAE. Your convenience is immensely increased as UAE Exchange has more than 100 branches across the country.

#2. How to download NBAD credit card statement?

You can download your NBAD credit card statement via NbadOnline– online banking portal of NBAD. Once you log in, select the credit card number of card which you want to download the statement of. Then click on ‘CARDS’ and select ‘Download Statement’ 


#3. How to check my NBAD credit card balance?

You can check your credit card balance via NbadOnline. Once you login into your account, select the credit card that you intend to check and then click on ‘CARDS’ and select ‘Credit Card Summary’.


One other way is to visit your near by ATM or NBAD Cash/cheque deposit machine. Insert your card or in-put your credit card number manually and then you can select among the options available on screen.

#4. Can I get a NBAD credit card loan?

As per my understanding, when you use your credit card at POS (point of sale) or for online purchases, the credit card issuer loans you money for free for a certain period. You will have to repay this loan by clearing your credit card bill at each billing cycle. It is when you don’t make full payment of your credit card bill and carry a balance, that your start incurring interest on your outstanding balance.

If you take cash advance on your credit card, then it is a loan too. Think twice before take an advance your card. There is no grace period for this loan and your interest meter starts immediately.

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