NBAD Online Prepaid Card Balance Enquiry

NBAD Online Prepaid Card Balance Enquiry

Well, I believe a lot of people are looking to check their NBAD prepaid credit card balance online and when i searched the term ‘NBAD prepaid card balance enquiry‘, i found  these to links:



But both these links don’t seem to work on my computer. Is this something to do with my computer? I don’t know.

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Well, there could be a way-around for this problem.

NBAD Mobile Banking App

On this banking app, you can make account enquiries, credit card enquiries, transfer balances, make utility bill payments, credit card bill payments and so on.

One thing that caught my attention while searching for an answer on NBAD’s web site the mention of ‘Comfort Zone‘ option on the home screen of the NBAD mobile app.

“What is the comfort zone?
The comfort zone available on the Home screen provides a simple, at-a-glance, visual representation of the balance of an account or credit card. The minimum and maximum limit can be customized by the user for each of his/her accounts/cards.”

If you are a NBAD customer, then I think this App is the answer to all your account and credit card enquiries.

Alternatively, you can register for NBAD Online Banking. You can visit this link  to either register online or login with your existing id. 

With NbadOnline, you can view your card details (credit cards and prepaid cards)  and also balances. You can also download your credit card statement and reload your prepaid credit card too.

On the home screen of NbadOnline, select the card or click on ‘CARDS‘ and select ‘Credit Card‘ and then click on ‘Summary‘.  This will give you the total summary of your credit card account, outstanding balance, your transactions and so on.

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