Oscars 2016- Interesting Things You Should Know

Oscars 2016- Interesting Things You Should Know

Oscars 2016 or 88th Academy Awards are just around the corner. I am hoping and expecting that Leonardo Dicaprio finally lands an Oscar this time after losing 5 nominations.

Here is an interesting infographic ‘2016 Oscars By The Numbers‘ by Wallet Hub 

Find answers to following questions (not limiting to) in the infographic:

. How many times has Leonardo Dicaprio been nominated for Oscars?
. Who will host 2016 Oscars?
. The time limit for acceptance speeches?
. Oscars will be televised live in how many countries?
. The average cost of preparing a Hollywood actress for the Oscars?
. The cost of red carpet?
. The most Oscars win by a single film?

There is so much more to learn from this infogrpahic!!!

So what other questions do you had in mind about Oscars? Let me know in comments!

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