Ratibi NBAD Prepaid Payroll Salary Card-All You Wanted To Know

Ratibi NBAD Prepaid Payroll Salary Card-All You Wanted To Know

In this article I am going to throw a little light on the following:

#1. What is a Salary/Payroll card?

#2. Ratibi-National Banks of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) Prepaid Salary Card, its main features and benefits to customer and employees.

#3. How to apply for Ratibi prepaid salary card?

Lets get to the chase,

#1. What is a Salary/Payroll card?

A salary card or a payroll card is a card issued by the bank in the name of the employee. This card is usually operated under a separate account namely ‘Special Card Account (SCA)’. This account could be named differently in different countries. The company will transfer wages, salaries, allowance and bonuses to this account with the bank. This is a simple yet super alternative to payroll cheques. This is cost effective and also convenient. This service ensures access to banking services for the un-banked or the segment of customers who do not have access to banking services.

#2. Ratibi- NBAD Prepaid Salary Card:

. What is Ratibi?

Ratibi is a prepaid salary or payroll card issued by National Bank Of Abu Dhabi. The payments for purchases made with this card is either processed by Visa or MasterCard. This card is specifically designed to benefit the unbanked segment of salaried personnel whose salaries range between AED 350 – AED 5000.

The issuance of Ratibi does not require any bank account. You can use it like a debit card and make payments at point of sale (POS). You can also deposit and withdraw cash from ATMs locally and internationally.

Main Features And Benefits Of Ratibi For Customers:

. This card comes with a free personal accident insurance cover upto AED 25,000 upon death or hospitalization of holder of card.

. You do not need a bank account. You don’t need to maintain any minimum balance and also there are no fees attached.

. You can deposit and withdraw money from a wide network of ATMs across the world.

. You can use this card for POS (Point of sale) transactions anywhere around the world where Visa or MasterCard payment processing networks are used.

. This prepaid card is compliant with UAE Government’s regulations.

. This is a fully automated system which dispense the wage slips.

. Unlike a credit card, a prepaid salary card ensures that you never fall into debt. You can enjoy most benefits conferred by a credit card with your Ratibi card except the fact that you are using your own money.

Benefits of Ratibi To Business Corporations:

. Convenient method for companies to directly transfer salaries to un-banked employees.

. Fast delivery of funds. This method of salary payment ensures quicker access to funds by employees. This also ensures payment of salaries to all employees at the same time and in a similar manner.

. Companies can save money on paper. Companies can do away with printing of salary cheques. A lot of time is saved on paper work and also the company can better manage its funds.

How To Apply for Ratibi salary card?

Within UAE, you can call the call center at 6005 222 98 and the international helpline is 00971 2 635 8001.

You can also send in an inquiry at ‘ratibi@nbad.com

How to check your Ratibi balance?

For Ratibi salary card balance inquiry click here 

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