Samba Credit Card-Round Up of Credit Card Offers

Samba Credit Card-Round Up of Credit Card Offers

Samba Financial Group which was formerly known as The Saudi American Bank is one of the world class banking firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It ha extended its operations in major international cities like Dubai, London and Qatar.

This elite financial institution came into being on 12 Feb 1980. Samba was formed by taking over the branches of Citibank which were operating in Riyadh and Jeddah then, under Saudi nostrification program.

Below is a round-up of credit cards offered by Samba:

#1. Samba Super Premium credit cards:

. Samba Visa Infinite Credit Card 

This card confers VIP treatment for its holders from travel to exclusive discounts and also superior purchase power. The benefits of this card can be had across the world

. Samba World MasterCard Credit Card 

One can experience the best of life style amenities from exotic spas to breath-taking adventures. with superior spending power, this card offers elite privileges.

#2. Samba Premium Credit Cards

. Samba Signature Alkhair Credit Card 

With this card, you can earn points, get premium access to international airport lounges across the world, world wide purchase protection and much more.

. Samba Platinum Credit Card 

On round trip journeys, you get travel insurance and also get compensated for flight delays, damage or loss of baggage, cancellation of trip and more.

. Samba Business AlKhair Credit Card 

Best suited for entrepreneurs, this card can help to keep your business cash flow smooth and you can easily keep a tab of your business expenses too.

#3. Samba Rewards Credit Cards 

. Samba FCBarcelona Credit Card

This is a Shariah compliant credit card with which you can earn goals which can in-turn be redeemed for merchandise at FCB stores.

. Samba Sony Credit Card 

The points collected on this card can be redeemed for purchases at Sony outlets.

. Samba AlMamlaka Credit Card 

Here the points collected can be redeemed for purchases made at outlets in Al Mamlaka Mall, Riyadh.

. Samba AlFursan AlKhair Credit Card 

If you fly a lot, I believe this credit card could be ideal for you. You can earn AlFursan Air Miles which enable you to have special privileges on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

. Samba Mobily Credit Card 

This is an Islamic co-branded credit card wherein the points earned can be redeemed for free voice sms and other Mobily privileges.

. Samba Jarir AlKhair Credit Card 

An excellent card for avid readers which not only provides normal credit card benefits but points earned on this card can be redeemed against purchases at Jarir Bookstore.

. Samba Panda AlKhair Credit Card 

This Shariah compliant card is ideal for everyday purchases and the purchases made at Panda, supermarket chain store, will help you earn points which can be redeemed discounts and also free items.

#4. Samba Classic Credit Cards

. Samba Silver Credit Card 

With a minimum balance of only 5%, this card provides customized services packages that you can enjoy as a family.

. Samba Gold Credit Card 

Pay little as 5% monthly of your outstanding balance, giving you much needed buffer time to repay all the dues. You can withdraw cash when you are in need and also you can pay your utility bills.

. Samba AlKhair Credit Card 

This Shariah compliant card shoulders your payment burdens by helping you to pay your child’s school fees, car installments, utility bill via Dial-A-Draft checks which are charged to your Alkhair card account.

. Samba Ladies AlKhair Credit Card 

This is a special card specifically tailored for ladies. One of the best benifits is the travel insurance.

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